Ultra Balloon

File Name:uballoon.zip
Year of release:1996

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It's a 1996 arcade game published by Suna. The game aims to put the enemies in bubbles and burst them and save a girl from an ape-like monster. However, some unique twists, such as the player, can charge up the superbubble that can condense many enemies and get bonus points. The second thing is Farting! Yes, you read it correctly. There's also a chicken dinner for the winners. Well, not dinner, but players will get a bucket of fried chicken if they kill the enemies fast enough. This bubble-shooting animal genre game has lots of unique power-ups like one power-up can kill the players if they stand too close to it! You may think this game is only about bursting bubbles, but here you're mistaken. This game also has bosses, and they are incredibly awesome. The bosses have striking looks like one of the bosses has a giant red dot, and she vomits. It's strange but in a way amazing too. 



The players are the penguin, and they have to belch the balloons to trap enemies, and then to kill them, they have to pop the balloon. Sometimes balloons float above the screen, so the players might have to chase them. And then there's a fart; players can fart on the enemies to knock them down. If the player defeats the enemies, they turn into martinis or food. After killing everyone in a level, then a bucket of chicken wings comes, and the player moves on to the next level. After several levels, players face a boss, and to do that, players have a little dagger in their bubbles. The objective is to position the dagger balloons to hit the boss's weak spot. 


Best Emulator for Ultimate Balloon

To play this arcade game on your device, you will need a MAME emulator. Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator recreates the hardware of arcade game systems in software and allows them to run on any device. Some of the MAME emulators are ADVANCE MAME; It can run on Linux and Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. DefMAME; it's a brand new MAME and offers enhancements and additional check drivers. MAME Plus; has multilingual support and many video effects. 

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