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Year of release:1994

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Developed by Data East and launched in 1994, Windjammers is a sports arcade game. The game's basic layout includes a fast-paced Frisbee game that involves various basic moves and special moves that you can perform in the game. The game's point system is based on three points and five points, depending upon the type of goal you score in the opponent's court. The game's total points that decide the winner of the game are 12 points, but you can change the game's point limit in versus mode of the game. There are six characters in the game from different countries that differ in power, speed, and unique moves.


Windjammers mainly received mixed or average reviews by many critics and reviewing websites. Many critics opposed the game's animation, where you could see a little bit of flickering of the characters' shadows. The game's online mode is also not up to the mark as there are many glitches and errors in it. Players are also often frustrated by the lag they must face in the game, which ruins their gameplay strategy. This game got a position of the twenty-second most successful arcade game of the year on the Game Machine list and got a score of 5/10 on edge.




 In this game, the players can make a restrictive movement around each other's court which can be done in 8 different directions. You can play as offensive or defensive depending upon whether you want to score or save yourself a score. Defensive gameplay mainly consists of blocking the disc from entering your court, and inoffensive gameplay, your main objective is to score by throwing the disc in your opponent's court. To achieve this, you continuously require to throw the disc back and forth where the referee resets the disc once a score has been made. Upon a score, the referee provides the disc to the player on which the opponent scored for serve.


Best Gaming Emulator for Windjammers


Mame emulator provides an excellent platform for arcade games such as Windjammers as it allows for a user interface with the help of which all games run smoothly and efficiently. Mame emulator offers many more controls for screenshots and recording the gameplay of the game, which is very uncommon in many other emulators. You can efficiently apply cheat codes in the Mame emulator equipped with a cheat code manager. For different operating systems, here are some Mame emulators: RetroArch, Mame Plus, etc.


Similar Games


  1. Windjammers 2 - This game is very similar to its previous version with a few advancements and additions. This game's gameplay also includes Frisbee, which you must throw in your opponents' goal to score with an Ice Hockey stick's help. 

  2. Way of Redemption - Way of Redemption is a sports arcade game that includes many stages and levels. You can choose from various characters in the game and select from a wide range of areas. All the characters in the game have unique abilities and powers.

  3. Disc Jam - Disc jam is a game very much like Windjammers. But you get a full-court perspective in this game compared to Windjammers which provides you with a behind-the-court perspective.
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