64-in-1 (J)

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File Name: 64-in-1 (J) [p1].zip
Console/System: NES
Genre: Compilation
Filesize: 948.11KB
Region: Japan
Year of release: 1990
Downloads: 17774

64-in-1 (J) ROM Download for NES


If you are tired of installing your favourite games through different emulators to play them on your PC, then you must look out for some video games which offer all your favourite video games on one platform. If you are a fan of all-in-one games, we can recommend you download 64-in-1 (J) on your PC!


The 64-in-1 (J) video game provides an all-in-one video game compilation available on the NES emulator. Through this game, one can enjoy up to 64 famous video games on one platform. This game features around 100 popular video games, including Arkanoid, Contra, Lode Runner, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Rock Man, Dig Dug, Challenger, Ninja, Devil World, Mega Man, and many others. This game offers smooth controls and high-end graphics and audiovisuals to enhance the gaming experience of its users.  




Best Emulators for 64-in-1 (J) ROM

To play the 64-in-1 (J) on PC, you need to have an emulator to run it. The gaming console required for this particular game is NES, i.e., Nintendo Entertainment System, and download the corresponding Emulator.


There are plenty of NES emulators available online. Here are our best picks of NES emulators-


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