Action 52

File Name:Action 52 (U) [!].zip
Year of release:1991

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Action 52 is an action video game created and distributed by FarSight Technologies for the Sega Genesis and Active Enterprises for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Active Enterprises was legally consolidated in the Bahamas, yet its workplaces and developments were situated in Miami, Florida. Its warehouse was also located in Orlando, Florida.


Action 52 comprises 52 games in a series of classifications, generally looking over shooters and platformers. The NES edition of Action 52 became infamous among gamers for its games' low quality and functionality; it is regarded as one of the worst games of all time. Each game is given a short description in the manual for Action 52. A portion of the reports cover games from the early development of Action 52 that were very different from the rounds of corresponding titles.


The response to Action 52 has been reliably negative. The game was not received well by the critics. The audience also criticized the game for its boring gameplay. AllGame editorial manager Skyler Miller started the game as an "unlicensed however lawful multicart" containing "NES games of deficient quality."


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