Adventures Of Lolo

File Name:Adventures of Lolo (U) [!].zip
Year of release:1989

Adventures of Lolo ROM Download for NES


Launched in 1989 by HAL Laboratory for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle video game. In 2007 in North America, this game was made available on the Nintendo Wii for playing. Two sequels for the NES followed adventures of Lolo: Adventures of Lolo 2 and Adventures of Lolo 3 in 1990 and 1991, respectively. Many positive reviews from fans and critics were awarded to this game. It was also listed as one of the suggestions for the best NES puzzle game for children by the Toronto Star. This game was also picked as the #10 greatest game available in 1989 by Entertainment Weekly.


Game Plot


In this game, the player needs to control the character Lolo who is around the humanoid creature. The task assigned is to rescue Princess Lala, who has been kidnapped by the enemy King Egger. Lolo travels to Egger's Castle where a total of 10 floors were there each having 50 rooms. Inside each room, Lolo needs to collect many hearts to unlock a treasure chest and collect the Gem inside it. The player must tackle the challenges in each room and circumvent and countervail various types of enemies, where each enemy has different attacking abilities and patterns. As soon as Lolo picks that Gem, all the enemies vanish.


Best Emulator for Adventures of Lolo 


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