Balloon Fight

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Year of release: 1984
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Balloon Fight ROM Download for the NES


 Balloon Fight, released internationally in the year 1986, is an action video game. Nintendo developed the game, and Hudsoft published it for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo Research and Development developed the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The player here takes control of an unknown Balloon Fighter who does not even have a name. 




The Balloon fighter has two balloons attached to his helmet, and when the player repeatedly presses the 'A' button or holds down the 'B' button, it causes the Balloon Fighter to rise into the air by flapping his arms. If a balloon gets popped, the player's flotation gets reduced, making it harder to fly. The player can lose one of their lives if the opponent Balloon Fighters pop both balloons. Moreover, if the player falls in the water, they get eaten by a large piranha near the water surface. 

There are two modes of play: the 1-player/2-player game, where the aim is to clear off the enemies on the screen, and Balloon Trip, where the object is to avoid barriers in a side-scrolling stage. 

There are two modes of gameplay: the 1-player/2-player game, where the goal is to clear enemies on the screen, and the Balloon Trip, where the goal is to bypass obstacles in a side-scrolling stage. 


Best Emulator for Balloon Fight ROM


Balloon Fight ROM needs to have a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator already downloaded and installed on your device if you want to play it. A few of the all-time best Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can run on Windows PC are VirtuaNES, UberNES, Mesen, Mednafen, FCEUX, and JNES, RetroArch, Nestopia, My NES, and so on. If the device you use is MAC OS, then a few of the Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can install are ZSNES, Nestopia, FakeNES, higan, and Snes9x. 

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