Batman - Return of the Joker

Like every Batman game, Joker once again escaping the prison and wants to destroy Gotham City. Batman must survive 5 stages and every stage has the boss who must be defeated until the final fight with the Joker.

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File Name: Batman - Return of the Joker (USA).zip
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Year of release: 1991
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Batman -Return of the Joker ROM Download for NES


It is a platform video game released for the Nintendo entertainment system. The game is based on the modern comic book of Batman. The Joker is back and has escaped from Arkham Asylum once again, and it's up to Batman to fight him across seven stages and bring peace and harmony back to Gotham City. Batman carries a Batarang Launching Gauntlet that shoots bullets to take down enemies and pick up five different shot power-ups. With various power-ups located throughout the levels, the players can upgrade it. Instead of bars or tick marks the game measures life in points during the boss fights. The levels are of different terrains like moving trains, snowy landscapes, sewers, and military bases. One exciting stage is there where Batman has to activate a jetpack. Isn't it cool? At every turn, there are several cool scenarios like Batman gets attacked by a blimp overhead to fast-paced shooter sections. This game comes under one of the few Batman games that do not follow any movie or TV series.


In the game, Batman is on a quest for the Joker's secret hide-out. Joker steals some metals, one of which is highly toxic and used in missiles. There are seven stages, and each has two sub-levels and a boss fight. These stages occur at Gotham city cathedral, mountains, Joker's warehouse, underground conduit, a refinery, ammunition base and the island of Ha- hacienda. The game bosses are; the Ace Ranger, a Minedroid, the Master C.P.U. of the refinery, and the Joker itself. Batman can change his ammunition throughout the game; B icon is for Batarangs, C icon is for crossbows, N for sonic neutralisers and S for shield stars. Batman can also gather energy capsules that, if he gets all the eight, he becomes invincible for a few seconds.

Best Emulator for Batman - Return of the Joker

There are several NES emulators available for you to play this game. It is not very clear which one to go for. But that's why we are here. We will tell you which emulator is most suitable and that is FCEUX. It is one of the popular NES emulators and offers a bunch of features and customisation. It consists of features like; support for a joystick, debugging, ROM- hacking, recording a video, and so more. It allows you to run the game in full-screen, which makes the gaming experience unique. 


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