Batman - The Video Game

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Year of release: 1989
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Batman - The Video Game ROM Download for NES


Designed by Sunsoft in Japan in 1989, Batman and its video game have been the most viewed and popular character and game of the DC universe. The story of the game goes as follows: A huge city called Gotham city on the East Coast of the US is preparing to commend the 200th Anniversary. Be that as it may, the town is terrible as it is run by viciousness and daily crime. The residents of the city are continuously in danger and a target for criminals. Graphics that have been utilized in this game end up being very accurate and detailed, practically the graphics bring out the beauty in the game. The game decides not to follow the film as a typical game would, and past a couple of levels in the roads of Gotham itself, the plan of the film is dropped for a more practical, and engaging strategy.

The different parts of the game comprise of the Gotham Sewers, Mysterious Laboratory, Gotham City Streets, Axis Chemical Plant, and the Gotham Cathedral Belltower. Various villains of DC Comics show up as minions who are of a low-level stage in the game, including Heat Wave, Shakedown, Maxie Zeus, Deadshot, KGBeast, and Nightslayer. There are Killer Moth bosses in the game, a gadget known as the Electrocutioner, Machine Intelligence System, a machine known as the Dual-Container Alarm, Joker, and Firebug.

This game is another side looking over NES game, where you start at the lower part of a level, and you need to work your direction right to the highest point of the level. This sort of game can indeed be exceptionally baffling as you climb the level killing all in your manner, at that point on the off chance that you miss a jump you'll tumble to the lower part of the level and need to advance back up the level. There are five levels to finish in the game, and three sublevels with each level and at the end of each level, there is a boss fight. Batman can climb walls, bounce, and shoot a wide range of weapons.


Best Emulator for Batman - The Video Game


There are many NES emulators in the market which can confuse you about deciding on choosing the right emulator. After conducting thorough research, I can recommend you two NES emulators. The first option that you can look at is the RetroArch emulator which comes with a variety of features and specifications. You can customize the button layout and play with a variety of USB gamepads. The next option which you can consider is FCEUX which allows you to play a game in full screen with the help of a joystick. Also, many other features are recording a video, ROM-hacking, debugging, and creating speedruns.


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