Castlevania II - Simon's Quest

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Year of release:1987
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Castlevania II - Simon's Quest ROM Download for NES


Designed and published by Konami, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is a video game, initially launched in Japan in 1987 for NES. It is the second Castlevania game launched for the NES, following the first Castlevania in 1986. Set at some point after the events of the first part, the player again resumes with the character of vampire hunter Simon Belmont, who is on a mission to fix a curse set on him by Dracula towards the end of their previous meeting. Simon has to discover Dracula's body that was divided into five parts and then has bring to the decays of Castle Dracula and defeat him.




The highlight of the game is nonlinear gameplay, for example, the player can explore and revisit, through a world map. Simon, controlled by the player, can speak with people of the town who will offer him either signs or lies. He can also go to vendors who sell things, either for battling with the enemies or for traversing to the inaccessible regions. To pay for them, he should gather hearts, which are dropped by defeating the enemies.


The game received a positive response immediately after its launch and got the reward of a Nintendo classic over time. It was also scored as 28 out of 40 by the Japanese game magazine Famitsu.


Best Emulator for Castlevania II - Simon's Quest

The type of gaming experience you want would decide which emulator you should choose. There are many NES emulators available for running NES games on various devices/platforms. We advise you about two NES emulators that you can use for running Castlevania II – Simon's Quest on your PCs or smartphones. One is RetroArch emulator which offers a variety of customization options and features. RetroArch emulator has an interface very much like PlayStation. Another option for you could be FCEUX emulator. With the support of joystick, you get some fantastic features with FCEUX emulator like video recording, debugging, creating speedruns and ROM hacking.


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