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Year of release:1990

Crystalis ROM Download for NES


 It is an action role-playing adventure game released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System by SNK. The game starts with a young magician who wakes from cryogenic sleep. He cannot recall who he was or his name but soon finds out that he is critical to rescue the world from destruction. The game occurs in a post-apocalyptic world. Hundred years ago, there was a thermonuclear war globally, and civilization is now back to a simpler time. The differences between the post-war and pre-war are that now there are hostile mutants everywhere. There is an evil emperor who wants to take over the world. The game puts you in the character of a young hero recently woken up from cryogenic sleep. He finds out that the earth was torn apart some years ago. With the use of magic, the citizen recreates some resemblance to civilization. Evil wizard Dragonia begins to experiment with technology's benefits and poses a threat to the world's newly found peace. The hero is meant to save the world from the destructive power of technology and collect the four elemental swords and re-form them into the magical blade Crystalis. This weapon can put an end to any threats. There is a big world for you to explore, spells and items to collect, and loads of enemies to defeat.

Game Plot

The game occurs in a post-apocalyptic world a hundred years after the incident on 1st October 1997. A thermonuclear war begins in the year 1997 that is known as The End Day. This war reverts the civilization to medieval existence, with now mutants roaming around. Survivors decide to study the magic, and they built a floating tower to avoid any future catastrophes. However, Dragonia re-establish the forbidden ways of technology and combines them with magical charm. He wants to dominate the world with his acquired power and tries to reach the Tower. The story's hero wakes up with no memory. Four wise sages guide him to save the world and give him the Sword of Wind. He attempts to combine the four-element Sword of Fire, Wind, Water, and Thunder to form a mystical sword Crystalis.


Best Emulator for Crystalis

To play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator. As there are various platforms available, so do there are different emulators for them. But the real question is which emulator is suitable for which operating system. Here we will tell you just that: For windows, you should use FCEUX, Virtual NES, or JNES. If you use Mac, then you should use Nestopia 1.4.1. For android devices, you can use NES emulator 1.0.1 or Nostalgia. Nes.

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