Ice Hockey

File Name:Ice Hockey (U).zip
Year of release:1988

Ice Hockey ROM Download for NES


Developed and distributed by Nintendo in 1988, Ice Hockey is a sports video game for the NES gaming console. Ice Hockey depends on the game of a similar name, with the game's goal being to get more points than the rival player by hitting round, dark pucks into the restricting goal with a hockey stick. Critics and fans appreciate this game and frequently refer to it as probably the best sports game for the NES. Ice Hockey is the 140th best game made on a Nintendo System in Nintendo Power's Top 200 Games list. Electronic Gaming Monthly recorded it as number 94 on their 100 best gaming console video games ever.




The gameplay of Ice Hockey is basically like the real-life hockey game. Each team's target is to hit a dark puck with a hockey stick that every player conveys into the rival's goal. Teams are composed of five players, each including the goaltender, rather than six players in the real-life hockey game. Players wear ice skates, which are utilized to skate across the frigid field. Each game has three periods, with the triumph going to the team with the most goals at the end of the game. 


Best Emulator for Ice Hockey


The sort of gaming experience you need will overall decide which emulator you ought to pick. There are numerous emulators accessible, yet we can prompt you around two NES emulators to run Ice Hockey across different gaming stages. One is the Higan emulator, which offers an assortment of customization choices, and functionality. This has proved to be a well-known decision among individuals, as this emulator has an interface, particularly like PS2. Another alternative for you could be the Nestopia emulator. With a joystick, you get some unfathomable details with Nestopia emulator like video recording, image scaling, making speedruns, saving game data, and ROM hacking.

Here are some NES emulators for different operating systems:

·       Windows- NestopiaMesen, JNES, Higan

·       Mac- OpenEmu, RockNes, Nestopia

·       Android- EmuBox, NES emu, John NESS

·       Linux- Higan, ZSNES


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