Mario 7-in-1 (Mapper 52)

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Mario 7-in-1 (Mapper 52) ROM Download for NES


If you are a big fan of Mario games but cannot get enough, then Mario 7-in-1 (Mapper 52) is for you as it will keep you engaged and satisfy your hunger for Mario games. Mario 7-in-1 game is a collection of 7 Mario games that you can play and experience different gameplay games. A collection of Mario games which you can play are Mario 5, Mario 3, Mario is Missing, Mario 10, Mario 14, Mario 11, and Mario 7. Your main gameplay character is Mario, whose main objective is to complete all the stages and levels of the game by avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies. Each Mario game included in this game has its obstacles and enemies, which can vary by difficulty level and amount.




This game's gameplay is based on a platform-based experience where Mario can climb, jump over obstacles, and perform special moves to move ahead in the game. In this game, you would be continuously engaged with various enemies and obstacles set to slow you down and prevent you from moving to the next stage. Boss stages are also included in this game, where you must defeat a boss in the end. To beat the boss, you must have high health meter to fight till the end. Mario can also perform defensive moves on his opponents to retain his health while causing damage to the opponent.


Players and critics provided these favorable game reviews, and the game was mostly projected in a positive light. Mario's 7-1 was highly successful among Mario fans who enjoyed different gameplay experiences and provided a very positive review. Romsie.com gave this game a score of 4.7/5, based on its overall gameplay and features. They also felt that it kept the players engaged throughout every game. Enemies and obstacles in each game were different and varied in various aspects. Critics and players highly appreciated this feature.


Best Gaming Emulator for Mario 7-in-1 (Mapper 52)


NES emulators are equipped with a firm BIOS, which prevents any glitches or slowdown in your game's performance. With USB gamepads and the support of a joystick, you can play your favorite game according to your style and enjoy its full potential. While playing any game, you can easily record the gameplay on the NES emulator, which is an infrequent feature that you get with different emulators. Strong Wi-Fi support allows you to play with your friends in multiplayer modes without any difficulty. Some NES emulators are RetroArch, Nintendulator, VirtualNES, etc.


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