New Ghostbusters 2 (EU)

File Name:New Ghostbusters 2 (E) [!].zip
Year of release:1991
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New Ghostbusters 2 (EU) ROM Download for the NES


New Ghostbusters 2, released in Europe in 1990, is an action genre video game containing black packaging, unlike the previous version's blu package. HAL Laboratory developed and published the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 




In New Ghostbusters 2, the player can choose between the five Ghostbusters from Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz. Also, Louis Tully is the fifth playable character from the NES version. The prime objective in New Ghostbusters 2 is to trap all of the ghosts in one particular area till an arrow comes that give signals to the player on where they have to travel next.

At the end of each stage in New Ghostbusters 2, a boss appears, and players have to defeat them. Some of the difference from the previous version is the game has many layouts, few cut scenes between the stage bosses and levels, and new music. Here only single-player mode is available, unlike the Game Boy version in Ghostbusters 2. 

Best Emulator for New Ghostbusters 2 ROM


If you like to play the New Ghostbusters 2 ROM, you need to install and run a Nintendo Entertainment System on your device. A few of the best Nintendo Entertainment Systems you can run on Windows PC include RockNES, Dolphin, Mesen, Nestopia UE, Nesbox Universal Emulator, jNES, and RetroArch, VirtualNES, and so on. For the MAC users, you can run ZSNES, Higan, Snes9x, and Nestopia. 

Similar Games


If you like playing an action video game like New Ghostbusters 2, then you might even like other games in the series of Ghostbusters with similar gameplay and features. So, I have listed down three games that are related to New Ghostbuster 2. 


  1. The Real Ghostbusters 
    The Real Ghostbusters is an action-puzzle video game where the game features Mickey Mouse or Garfield depending on the version chosen as Japanese or European. The game focuses on solving puzzles in an atmosphere that is like a dungeon. The player here needs to collect stars to progress to the next stage and even loses one of his life when the 999-second timer becomes zero or loses all his health after touching damaged things like reforming blocks, ghosts and flames. 

  2. Ghostbusters (1984 - Video game)
    Ghostbusters is an action-adventure video game where the player sets a ghost-busting franchise in a city with a growing Psychokinetic (PK) Energy level. The player can update the vehicle they have or buy equipment such as traps. The player should complete their objective by making money and by stocking up equipment. 

  3. Ghostbusters II
    Ghostbusters II is an action video game based on the movie Ghostbusters and features three levels based on the movie scenes. The player takes control of the Ghostbuster team and tries to stop the villain Vigo. The player starts the game by battling with the Scoleri Brothers' ghosts, which are in a courtroom. 


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