River City Ransom

The main characters are two best friends who are fighting to save one of the friend's girlfriend in the River City from the evil villain Slick. Along the way, they fight with the enemies and other obstacles they got on their way.

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File Name: River City Ransom (USA).zip
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1989
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River City Ransom ROM Download for NES


River City Ransom, released in the year 1989, is an open world, action role-playing and beat them up video game later released as Street Gangs. Technos Japan developed the game, and Technos published it for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game's plot follows two high school students Ryan and Alex, as they go to River City to reach River City High and save Ryan's girlfriend, Cyndi, from Slick, who is the antagonist.  




In the journey of the players to rescue, they encounter and battle with some group of students. It includes The Squids, The Generic Dudes, The Jocks, and The Frat Guys, and many other gang leaders who are the bosses. The game is non-linear, so it enables the player to explore the open world. There are objects like trash cans, brass knuckles, and steel pipes, which the player can use as their weapon and throw at the enemies. Interestingly, the player in this game can set and input passwords that keep them track of their character's money, stats, defeated bosses, possessions, and skills. The players can play the game in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. 


Best Emulator for River City Ransom ROM


If you want to play the River Viyu Tanso, ROM, you need to have an emulator called Nintendo Entertainment System downloaded and installed on your device. Some of the best Nintendo Entertainment Systems that will help you play the Windows PC game include Mesen, VirtualNES, RockNES, RetroArch, jNES, Dolphin, Nesbox Universal emulator, and Nestopia UE. If you use MAC, then you can run Snes9x, ZSNES, Nestopia, and Higan.

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We know that this game is a mixture of many video game genres, and if you loved playing River City Ransom, you may even like the games similar to this one. Three similar games are listed below. 


  1. River City: Tokyo Rumble
    The game revolves around Kunio, a careless student at Nekketsu High School, and one day he discovers students from another high school were beating up his friend. Here the player character travels to encounter the students and knows his rival and friend, Riki, ordered to kidnap his other friend. The player then accompanies Riki as he was not the one who did it. Along with Misuzu, they explore through Tokyo to fight with the various Tokyo Lion Alliance leaders. 

  2. River City Girls
    The game focuses on the characters Kyoko and Misako, who battle their way through opponents and obstructions to save their kidnapped boyfriends Riki and Kunio, who were the series's protagonist. The player can either take control of Kyoko and Misako; however, they both have different unique animations and moves. 

  3. Renegade
    The player controls a street brawler who needs to encounter four various gangs to save his girlfriend, who is held imprisoned by a gangster mob boss. 
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