Super Mario Bros 2 (J)

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Super Mario Bros 2 (J)- ROM Download for NES

Though this game has a Mario title, there are some significant differences from the rest of the Mario series. Super Mario Bros also altered the gameplay of the original series. If you stomp on the enemy, it will not kill them. Instead, you can stand on the enemy’s head, pick them and toss them at other enemies! There are tiny plants on the ground which you can you pull out 
before every stage to choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. Each of them have distinct power and weaknesses. The levels are quite complicated as compared to the previous Mario games. Overall, it's an excellent and very interesting game.


Game plot

Mario dreams of a staircase that leads to a dream world. He hears a voice that tells him that the world is Dreamland of Subcon and pleads for Mario's help in defeating the wicked frog – Wart. After waking up, Mario decides to tell Luigi, Toad and Peach about his dream. They all decide to go on a picnic where they find a cave with the staircase. With the door at the top of the stairs, they reach Subcon and try to defeat Wart. 

Best Emulator for Super Mario Bros 2

You will need NES emulator to play this game. NES Emulator is a system that allows you to play games on your device. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a kind of iconic gaming console. The main aim of the console is to make you eligible to play the classic games. For windows, you can use –

Nintendulator- it allows you to play all the classic game and also has a hard/soft reset features of the NES.

For PC, MAC, Linus you can go for-.

FCEUX- it is one of the popular NES emulators with all-in-one features.

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