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VS Super Mario Bros (VS) ROM Download for NES 


VS Super Mario Bros (VS), released in 1986, is an arcade video game that is an adaptation and re-released version of the 1985's game Super Mario Bros. The game was released on Nintendo Vs. Unisystem, it's variant Nintendo Vs. Dual system, and on Nintendo VS. System. As the game is a more upgraded and revised version, all the existing levels in the game were made more difficult with fewer hidden power-ups. The players needed 200 coins for an extra life rather than 100, more dangerous enemies, and narrower platforms. Additionally, many of the game's new levels went on to be featured in Super Mario Bros 2, which is the Japanese sequel.




Although it's a re-released version, most of the gameplay and objectives are the same as the previously released version. Here, the player takes control of Mario or his twin brother, Luigi, in the multiplayer mode. They travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool from the evil villain of Bowser, also called King Koopa. The player needs cross side-scrolling levels while bypassing dangers such as rivals and holes with the benefit of power-ups like Starman, the Super Mushroom, and Fire Flower.


Best Emulator for VS Super Mario Bros (VS) ROM


If you want to play VS Super Mario Bros (VS) ROM, you need to have an emulator called Nintendo Entertainment System installed on your device. Some of the best Nintendo Entertainment System emulators that you can install on Microsoft Windows are RockNES, jNES, RetroArch, Nesbox universal emulator, Dolphin, Mesen, VirtualNES, Nestopia UE, and much more. If you are a MAC user, the NES emulators you can run are Snes9x, higan, ZSNES, and Nestopia.


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