Metal Slug X

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File Name: mslugx.zip
Console/System: Neo Geo
Genre: Run and gun
Filesize: 26.60MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 5325

Metal Slug X ROM Download for Neo Geo 


Metal Slug X, released in the year 1999, is a run and gun video game in the series of Metal Slug. SNK developed the game, and D4 Enterprise published it for Neo Geo. The game is also an upgraded version of Metal Slug 2, which utilizes the engine of the game from Metal Slug 3. Some of the new features added in the version include Enemy Chaser, Metal Slug Type-R, Iron Lizard, Drop Shot, Big Weapons, Super Grenade, and Stones. 




As the game is a remake of an older version, it has made few new changes in the gameplay, which include more items, power-ups, prisoners, and food, which are mostly hidden, and the player must be shot to get them. The action in the game is rarer, with many environmental factors doing things such as blasting with surprising events or randomly spitting out enemies or items. Moreover, now the players can become fat right after completing every stage after Mission 2. Instead of being just night or day time in the game, now the players can choose and play various stages at sunset, twilight, and dusk. All the levels in the game have different and increased enemies, along with other bosses in Mission 1.


Best Emulator for Metal Slug X ROM


To play the Metal Slug 3 ROM, you will have to first download and install an emulator called Neo Geo on your gaming device. You can run Neo Geo emulators on platforms like Windows PC, MAC OS, and even Linux. A few of the best Neo Geo emulators are KAWAKS, MAME, Calice 32, Ace, NeoGeo CD, and Nebula. And, the best one for MAC users is the MAME emulator. 


Similar Games


If you love playing this type of game, then you should try to play other games that are related to Metal Slug X. So, I have mentioned three games that are similar to Metal Slug X, which you may like. 


  1. Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001
    It is a run and gun shooting game, and here the player has to steadily shoot at a constant stream of opponents in order to reach the end of each level. And, at the end of each level, the player needs to face a boss who is usually considerably more extensive than normal enemies, and it requires multiple shots from the player to defeat. Additionally, the player discovers slug vehicles and some weapons while progressing. 

  2. Metal Slug 2
    This is a sequel to Metal Slug, released in 1996, and the game has added many new characteristics like the ability to transform the characters, new vehicles, and weapons. Apart from shooting, the player can even perform a kick or attack by using a knife. 

  3. Metal Slug 3
    The gameplay of Metal Slug 3 is the same as past Metal Slug games. The new feature for Metal Slug 3 still is the branching pathway system. That is, in most missions, the players can choose from a forking path, where each had their own barriers and of differing length and complexity. So, with the help of different equipment, the player can save more hostages according to the choice they made. 


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