Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness

The plot is happening in 1844 where the main character Cornell is on a mission to save his sister from sacrifice to resurrect Dracula. He follows the Dracula minions who burned his village to the castle of Dracula and there begin the fight to save his sister.

File Name:Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness (USA).zip
Year of release:1999
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Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness ROM Download for N64

It is an action-adventure game developed for Nintendo 64 by Konami. You play cornel, a man-beast, who comes to his village to find out that the Dracula's followers burned the town and kidnapped your sister.

You can transform into half-man, half-wolf and go on a quest to save your sister. You play through a mixture of all-new levels from the original that carry different objectives. Your primary weapon is sonic boom punch and also can turn into werewolf form, which makes the defences and attacks significantly stronger. This new set-up is a lot of fun to explore.

Game plot

The game takes place in the year 1844. The protagonist Cornell, a man-beast, is on his quest to save his sister Ada from the sacrificial ceremony to resurrect Dracula. Dracula's minions burn Cornell's village, and he follows her missing sister's scent to Dracula's castle.

Cornell comes upon a splendid estate owned by the Oldrey family: J.A. Oldrey, the master of the mansion, his wife Mary and their son Henry. Actrice and Gilles de Rais turn Oldrey Senior into a vampire. Cornell takes Henry to safety on the request of Mary. Henry, later in life, comes to Castlevania to save the abducted children.

Cornell faces his rival, Ortega, a Man-beast. Ortega joins the Dracula to defeat Cornell in combat. They battle till the end of the game. Before Cornell saves his sister and defeats Dracula, he dominates the Dracula by sacrificing his powers. But there's a twist in the tale; dark forces always wanted Cornell's ability as a sacrifice to resurrect Dracula and not his sister Ada.

Best Emulator for Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness

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