Cruis'n World

Cruis'n World is a sequel to the famous N64 game called Cruis'n USA. As the title suggests instead of cruising with your car through the USA you get the change to drive through the whole world. Pick your favorite car and let the race begin!

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File Name: Cruis'n World (U) [!].zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Racing
Filesize: 10.62MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
Downloads: 10402

Cruis'n World ROM Download for N64

It is a racing game released in 1996 and is a sequel to the arcade racer game Cruis'n USA. The game lets the player race on different tracks around the world. In 1998 the Nintendo ported the game for the Nintendo 64. As compared to the previous game, this game has more cars and introduced stunts. The player has to dodge the obstacles, take tight curves, and many more. If the player successfully performs a trick like flying in the air, the game gives extra seconds. The game also uses rocket boosts to enhance the speed. It has different modes: standard, championship, practice, and multiplayer mode. In the standard mode, the player can pick one track and race on it. In championship mode, the player races over a few race tracks and performs multiple laps each course. If the player beats this level, then the additional cars get unlocked. The practice mode lets the player race alone with no traffic to practice as much as the player wants. Up to four-player can compete with each other in multiplayer mode. 



The game has the same core gameplay as its predecessor, in which the player races on various tracks under a time limit to reach the objective. The player has to cross multiple checkpoints that help to extend the time limit. The races occur worldwide, starting in Hawaii and across the five continents until it reaches the Kennedy space center. The cars can perform wheelies that give some advantage to the player, such as short speed bursts. The Nintendo 64 version has a track on the Moon, which the player can unlock once he reaches the Cruise world mode. There is also an exclusive Championship mode, in which the player races on circuit tracks placed in the different stages of the game. The cars range from vintage muscle cars, sports cars, roadsters, pick-up trucks to a three-wheel delivery truck, and many more. There are various obstacles in the courses, such as flying saucers and bouncing kangaroos. 


Best Emulator for Cruis'n World

You have to download and install the N64 emulator to play this game on your device. With the help of N64, you can enjoy all the classic games of Nintendo. For windows, you can use Project64, which allows you to play the games on your PC with full HD. If you use Mac, you can download the OpenEmu emulator, an open-source emulator with tonnes of features. 


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