Diddy Kong Racing (V1.1)

You can choose one of the eight characters in the game and one of the three combat vehicles. Every vehicle has specific characters.

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File Name: Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.1) [!].zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Kart racing
Filesize: 9.81MB
Region: UK
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 26235

Diddy Kong Racing (V1.1) ROM Download for N64


Diddy Kong Racing is a dashing video game designed and distributed by Rare for the Nintendo 64. It was launched on 21 November 1997 in Europe and on 24 November 1997 in North America. The game revolves around Diddy Kong and his companions who attempt to crush the intergalactic enemy, a wizarding pig named Wizpig, by winning a series of races in the Timber Island.

The player can take power for any of the highlighted characters all through the game. Diddy Kong Racing highlights five universes with four courses each, and the ability to drive a vehicle, air cushion vehicle, or pilot a plane.

Diddy Kong Racing got basic approval upon its launch. The designs, sound and the gameplay were the most liked parts of the game, with minor criticism coordinated at the game's redundancy. The game has sold 4.8 million duplicates since its launch and stands as the Nintendo 64's eighth top-rated game. Donkey Kong Racing, a sequel was being developed for the GameCube yet got abandoned after Microsoft bought Rare for £375 million of every 2002. An upgraded change for the Nintendo DS named Diddy Kong Racing DS was delivered worldwide in 2007.


Best Emulator for Diddy Kong Racing (V1.1)


You would enjoy playing Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo 64 gaming console emulator. RetroArch is also an excellent choice for playing Diddy Kong Racing. A portion of the essential highlights of RetroArch is the capacity to load cheats, take screen captures, remap the controls, and spare state. Since RetroArch is an open-source application, you won't see any promotions in its UI. Mupen64 is another choice that offers respectable Nintendo 64 ROMs similarity, and its presentation is comparable to RetroArch. This emulator can utilize; however, you can move up to the paid variant to help the designers. Besides, Mupen64 emulator is also ad-free.


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