Paper Mario (v2)

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File Name: Paper Mario (U) [!] (v2).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 21.60MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2000
Downloads: 4585

Paper Mario (v2) ROM Download for N64 


Paper Mario, released in the year 2000 is a role-playing video game which is also the first game in the series of Paper Mario. Intelligent Systems developed the game for the Nintendo 64. 


Game Plot & Gameplay


The game, Paper Mario, takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom while the main protagonist Mario strives to save Princess Peach from the antagonist of the story, Bowser, who has enclosed the seven Star Spirits. Bowser took the Princess Peach up to the sky, defeated Mario and made him invisible by taking the Star Rod from Star Haven.


The player here takes control of Mario and a few numbers of his partners as they try to resolve the puzzles in the game and also defeat their enemies through battles. All the fighting in the game is unique as they influence the capability of attacks by presenting necessary controller inputs acknowledged as action commands. The player gathers partners as they progress into various locations and only one partner can follow Mario in the overworld, although the player can change them at any time. 


Best Emulator for Paper Mario ROM


If you wish to play the Paper Mario game under the Paper Mario series, an emulator called Nintendo 64 should be installed. Few good Nintendo 64 emulators include Project 64, which is a simple to use, user-friendly interface where you can play any of your favourite Nintendo 64 games. You can freely download this from the emulator's site. 

Other Nintendo 64 emulators include Mupen64, Super HLS, 1964, Megan64 and so on. 


Similar Games


Paper Mario has got a collection of many games, and after playing this version, you would also like other games with comparable features in the series. Three of the Paper Mario related games are:


  1. Paper Mario: Color Splash
    Paper Mario Color Splash comes under the fifth entry in the Paper Mario series and is also a direct sequel to Paper Mario Sticker Star. The story revolves around the main protagonist Mario, who is on a quest to retrieve the Big Paint Stars and save Princess Peach from the antagonist, Bowser. The game is both a role-playing and action-adventure game, which makes the player more intrigued to play further. Also, when the players are exploring in the game, they can talk with other non-playable characters and even collect cards. 

  2. Paper Mario: The Origami King
    Paper Mario: The Origami King comes under the sixth game in the series of Paper Mario and also is a part of the Mario franchise. The game is a cross-genre video game where the story revolves around Mario and his friends who are on their journey to stop the Mushroom Kingdom from transforming into an origami. And to be successful on this, they must free the castle of Princess Peach from the five decorative banners that spread all over the Kingdom.

  3. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    The game has many elements from Paper Mario and is a turn-based battle with an emphasis on adventure and action. The player, Mario, tries to save Princess Peach from the X-Nauts and to reclaim the seven Crystal Stars. 


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