Pokemon Stadium 2

Like every other Pokemon game you need to catch a pokemon and in the game are located places where you can go to train and battle with your pokemon.

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File Name: Pokemon Stadium 2 (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2000
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Pokemon Stadium 2 ROM Download for N64


Pokemon video games are one of the most played games around the world. All the games in the Pokemon video games series have got unique highlights, which makes us eager to play and catches our interest. Just like any other game in the series, Pokemon Stadium 2 is a strategy video game developed by Nintendo EAD. It is also the successor of the Pokemon Stadium, but with some additional features and changes. 

The game features all the 251 Pokemon from the first and second-generation video games. Most of the game takes place in the fictional region of the White City. Here in this city, various facilities for the battling, researching, organizing and playing with Pokemon takes place. Unlike the rest of the Pokemon games, this version does not have a proper storyline to proceed with the game. The player can make progress in the game by winning specific trophies in the Stadium, a tournament mode which consists of four Cups, and also achieving the Gym Leader Castle, where the player earns badges. The Stadium is also home to the Poke Cup, Challenge Cup, Prime Cup and Little Cup. 


Best Emulator for Pokemon Stadium 2 ROM


Pokemon Stadium 2 requires an emulator called Nintendo 64 on your device, in order to play the game. Some of the few Nintendo 64 emulators which you can download and install on your device are Mupen64 Plus, which is one of the famous and oldest N64 emulators. It is simple to use and also delivers a great audio experience. Now, what game is good enough if your sounds are dull and low. So, this can be the best one for you. Other notable Nintendo 64 emulators include Project64, Megan64 and RetroArch.


Similar Games


As we know, every Pokemon has got its own unique feature, so we must try out other games related to these games, right? Hence, here are some of the few Pokemon Stadium 2 related games.


  1. Pokemon Stadium
    Just like Pokemon Stadium, this game does not have a story structure or well-defined world. However, the game challenges the player to defeat the trainers at the Stadium, including the Kanto Elite Four, Champion and the Kanto Gym Leaders. The tournament consists of 89 battles and four Cups. After winning all the Cups, Gym Leader Castle completes, the player can unlock the battle against Mewtwo. 

  2. Pokemon Gold and Silver
    The player here progresses to accomplish the quest, to conquer the Pokemon battling. The game additionally introduces 100 new species of Pokemon, and this makes the game unique and exciting. However, the main goal of the player is to defeat the Elite Four and Pokemon Master to become the new champion. 

  3.  Pokemon Red and Blue
    The player's objective is to complete the Pokedex, become the champion of the Indigo League by defeating eight Gym Leaders and mainly the Elite Four. While playing, the player can use his or her Pokemon to battle other Pokemon, which would be fun, throwing your Poke Balls. Also, if the player catches Pokemon successfully, then guess what happens? That Pokemon will come under the player's ownership!
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