Quest 64

File Name:Quest 64 (U) [!].zip
Year of release:1998

Quest 64 ROM Download for N64 


It's a single-player role-playing game released in 1998 for the Nintendo64. The story follows the journey of an adventurous boy who can manipulate nature, and people call him a Spirit Tamer- the guardian of humankind. He can control and modify the four spirit of nature- earth, water, fire and air. Brian fights the Master Wizard, who has taken the Spirit Tamers mystical volume and now wants to cause chaos in the world. During his adventures, he meets interesting people, evil bosses and many more.


The game story takes place in the Celtland, medieval earth similar to Ireland. Brian's father has left the monastery of mages, and now Brian is on his way to find him. Later in the game, it is revealed that the father was looking for a robber who stole the Eletlae Book. Player needs some gems to confront the final boss. When the player meets enemies, the game locks the player into a place, and then the battle begins. The player gets the experience points based on his performance in the fight. Whenever the player encounters a white spirit, he can upgrade his elements. There is no need for the player to buy the items; they are present in the game in the form of a treasure chest, sometimes given as free of charge or some are dropped by the monster. If Brian loses his Hitpoint, then he will reach the last saved stage. He holds all the materials he has like items, spell, experience before his death. 

Best Emulator for Quest 64

You need to download and install an N64 Emulator to play this game on any device. For windows, you can use Project64, Mupen64, Nemu64, and many more. For Linux, you can opt for Mupen64Plus 2.0. For Android device, you can select MegaN64, N64oid, Mupen 64 etc. If you use Mac, then you can choose Mupen64plus1.99, Sixtyforce1.0, etc. 

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