Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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File Name: Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: Action
Filesize: 13.88MB
Region: EU
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 21762

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron ROM Download for N64


It is an arcade-style flight action-game and the first of three games in the Rogue squadron series and released in 1998. Stars Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron comics is the inspiration for this game and takes place in the fictional star wars galaxy. The player plays the role of Luke Skywalker, commander of the elite X- wing pilots. As the game progresses, Skywalker and Rogue Squadron fight the Galactic Empire in 16 missions across numerous planets. Game objectives are in four categories: search and destroy, investigation, rescue, and protect. The player can control up to five craft, and each has varying degrees of speed and mobilization arrangement. Throughout the different levels, there are Bonus power-ups hidden. There's a three medal benchmark, and after completion of each level, the player's performance gets checked against them. If the player acquires these medals, that means he/she gets ranked up and can unlock hidden content. 


It is an arcade flight simulator with various missions, secrets, and ships. The game begins with the players in the briefing room to select the task. There are specific objectives in each mission that range from protecting friendly units to destroying targets. Sixteen missions are regular story missions, while the players can unlock the extra three missions if they earn the level medals. Players can earn awards if they complete the missions within a particular time, find hidden upgrades, and kill a specific number of enemies. The bronze medal unlocks one bonus mission, the silver medal gets the next level, and finally, the gold the last. Medals unlock exceptional ships like the Millennium Falcon. 


Best Emulator for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

The best N64 for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is Project64; it's an open-source, free N64 emulator for Android and Windows. It is one of the highly compatible emulators with features such as allow the change of the aspect ratio without affecting the quality and supports multiplayer. For macOS, Mupen64 is the one. It's also free and open-source and comes with lots of features.

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