Super Mario 64 - Shindou Edition

File Name:Super Mario 64 - Shindou Edition (J) [!].zip
Year of release:1996
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Super Mario 64 - Shindou Edition ROM Download for N64


Super Mario 64 is a platform game released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, and it's the first game in the Super Mario franchise that features 3D gameplay. Shindou edition is a Japanese re-released version in 1997, and it is the game's international release. It comes with a Rumble Pak support, which, when connected to the N64 controller, vibrates when Mario gets attacked, or enemies get hit. There is also an addition of an Easter egg. When the player hits the Z button initially, the background gets filled with Mario's face. 

Game Plot


You, as Mario, have to save the Princess from the evil Bowser. At the beginning of the game, you receive a letter from Princess Peach, who wants you to come to her castle. After you arrived, you discover that Bowser has invaded the castle and takes Princess as his prisoner. Many castle paintings act as a portal to other worlds. You have to collect the power stars and rescue the Princess. To do that, you explore the palace and look for power stars in the portals. After collecting power stars, you face Bowser in three battles, and defeating him in each of them leads to a final one. After you finally beat the Bowser, Peach rewards you with a kiss on the nose and a cake.



The game's goal is to collect the power star to move forward and eventually save the Princess. Each level has six stars. To explore the world, Mario has various abilities such as crawl, side-flip, back-flip, long jump, ground pound, among others. With the use of the Nintendo 64 controller's Analog-stick player can move Mario at different speeds. Mario can now stroll that does not wake the sleeping enemies. Caps, another new addition, give Mario the ability to fly, walk through barriers, or underwater. 


Best Emulator for Super Mario 64 - Shindou Edition

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