Custom Robo Arena

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File Name: 0934 - Custom Robo Arena (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role Playing
Filesize: 36.51MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2006
Downloads: 1340

Custom Robo Arena ROM Download for NDS


It's a science-fiction action role-playing game and the fifth part in the Custom Robo Game series. The game was released for the Nintendo DS. It's the first title in the series that allows two-player mode with voice chat, DS download play and multi-card play. In the game, you participate in the Custom Robo tournaments and attempt to earn money to improve your Robo. The game focuses on the customisation and creation of the micro-sized robots and then battle in the arena. You put your robot into battle through rotatable cannons. Your robot starts as a six-sided cube that develops after the robot's body arises to a rest. If he's on his head while he unfolds, it'll take him longer to correct himself as compared to feets on the land. The victory in the battlefield is not just by skill on the battleground, but also in body parts you choose before getting into the fight.

Game Plot

The game starts with the player, who moved to Midheart, where your father works in a robot research company. You meet Dennis and Liv of Team Numero Uno, which is a robot-battling club. You join Team Uno and fight Bull and his team Grapple gang, and win. Then you prepare for the Forest prep tournament. Liv wants to learn a decisive move, Soulboost, so you all go to Mt. Zephyr to meet Stark to teach you this move. Team Numero uno participates in the Robo cup, and the tournament starts well, numerous battles taking place according to the plan. But then everything went haywire, and the mastermind is a Neobrain employee, robocop organiser, Dr Mars, who is the leader of the Greybaum Syndicate and their leader is Hadron. You attack Hadron, but he's too powerful because of the scythe energy. The final battle takes place with the Robots locked in a perpetual Soulboost the whole match. Upon his defeat, Hadron explodes. 


  1. Combinations
    There are many combinations that players can use to build their robots. The game starts with a basic battler, but there are dozens of fights with real-life players and computers that there are massive combos that players can create. 

  2. Adventure and Multiplayer
    The latter part consists of a story in which the player just moved to a new town and on the first day at school gets his first Robo, which unlocks Multiplayer mode. From then on the player worked to become the Custom Robo champion. Adventure Mode involves simple things such as a walk through different towns, battle with people and advances through the story. 

  3. Battles
    The battle is the most fun in this game. It takes place inside an arena called a Holosseum Dec. There are many interactive elements such as hot lava, breakable boxes which are enjoyable. Once the battle starts, the player has 1000 health points, and the goal is to reduce the opponents to zero. 

Best Emulator for Custom Robo Arena

This game requires a Nintendo DS emulator, and there are many Nintendo DS emulators available with lots of features. You can easily install these emulators on macOS, windows or android. They make the task of playing Nintendo DS games very easy. One of the best DS emulators is MelonDS. It has Features like 3D upscaling, online connectivity, local multiplayer, save progress. It is available for Windows & Linux. The next is DeSmuME; it allows users to play DS games at maximum graphics with flawless performance.

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