Dementium - The Ward

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File Name: 1567 - Dementium - The Ward (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Action
Filesize: 18.34MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2007
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Dementium - The Ward ROM Download for NDS 


Dementium - The Ward, released in the year 2007, is a survival horror first-person shooter video game, which was initially planned as a Silent Hill game. Renegade Kid developed the game, and Gamecock Media Group published it for the Nintendo DS. The game, Dementium tells the story of a man named William Redmoor, and he has an operation on his brain. The Doctor discovered that William's mind was in danger, so he created nightmare dreams where William needed to fight back till the end and get out of his dreams. 




The player here takes control of William Redmoor, who has amnesia and needs to venture through the hospital rooms and hallways. The gameplay is the first-person view, and to progress in the game, the player needs to defeat monsters and resolve puzzles. During the beginning of the game, the player only has access to a nightstick. He can use that to protect himself against the enemies in addition to a torch. While progressing more in the game, the player discovers more weapons, such as the Revolver. The player can also use the touch screen of the console to interact with some nearby elements, change weapons, and move the character's vision. 



Best Emulator for Dementium - The Ward ROM



If you want to play Dementium - The Ward, then you need to download and run a Nintendo DS emulator on your device. Some of the best Nintendo emulators which you can install to play this game on a Microsoft Windows includes iDeaS, DuosDS, MelonDS, NeonDS, Project64, Citra, and much more. To play this game on MAC, you can install emulators such as DeSmuMe, RetroArch, OpenEmu, and Citra. 


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  1. Dementium II
    It is a survival horror first-person shooting video game, a sequel to the Dementium - The Ward. The player takes control of William Redmoor, who is awakening in a hospital bed. He discovers a postcard from himself on his cell, which urges him to run away from the hospital. The game was released with many improved features like jumping and crouching and with an improved map system. It also has different weapons, saves points, removes respawning enemies, more environments, and a larger variety of enemies. 

  2. Dementium Remastered
    The game comes with more difficult gameplay modes such as Normal, Hard, and the Demented. Additionally, the game has new control options, a manual save feature, and a massive visual overhaul. 

  3. Dementium II Remastered
    Dementium II Remastered is the sequel to the Dementium Remastered with the same gameplay and overhaul. The game was developed for the Nintendo 3DS eShop and is also a first-person shooter horror video game.


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