Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes Of Light

File Name:5258 - Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light (U).zip
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2010
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Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light ROM Download for NDS


It is a role-playing video game released in 2010 and is a spin-off to the Final Fantasy series. The game is about four youngsters who travel worldwide to make their home free from a curse. The players control the four main protagonists on their paths to save their homeland. The game allows the players to switch classes on the fly. The story takes place in Horne's, a small kingdom. Brandt, who just turned 14, finds out that the King is distraught as Witch of the North abducts his daughter, the Princess. King asks Brandt to save his daughter, and eventually, he is joined by three other courageous young fellows. Together they go on a journey filled with adventure, happy meetings, and sad partings. The players spend their time moving around the world map, engaging in battle, collect gems to earn experience points, and so on. They visit many dungeons and towns, talk to people, and more. Through their whole journey, the players unlock 28 different Crowns that relate to the various classes. Everything from the Rangers to white/black Mage to Fighters has a crown. The crown changes the character's statistics and gives them specific abilities. 


Players encounter the enemies randomly. The game has a Crown system that allows the players to select their abilities that depend on the crown they are wearing. In multiplayer mode, four-player can play at a time. The game's combat system is turn-based, but the characters cannot target individual enemies or use spells and items on specific characters in their party. Instead, the players have three commands: Attack, Boost, and Items. Every action taken by players cost them some action points, so the players have to be careful about what steps to choose during each round. With the help of Boost, players can increase the particular character's number of Action Points. This system requires a significant amount of strategy and balance to be successful in battle.

Best Emulator for Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light

It's always a difficult decision to choose the best emulator from many available options. We will tell you the best NDS emulator that you can use to play this game on your device. If you want to run this game on a Windows and Mac platform, then you should download DeSmuMe; it's an open-source and free emulator that allows you to manage action replay, cheat code, customize the settings, and view ROM properties, and so on. DraStic is a fast NDS emulator for android. It supports the add-on controllers, enhances the game graphics, provides fast forward, and many more features. 

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