Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars is a similar game like Grand Theft Auto but this tame the place of the game is in a Chinatown where you are going to fight the town mafia and complete other missions.

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File Name: 3517 - Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars (US)(M5)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Action
Filesize: 58.80MB
Region: UK
Year of release: 2009
Downloads: 22701

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ROM Download for NDS


It is an action-adventure game released for Nintendo DS in 2009 and published by Rockstar Games. The game follows Huang Lee, a young Triad member. Some unknown assailants left him dead after stealing a family treasure from him: a sword given by Huang's late father. Huang goes on a quest to take revenge on the thieves and to find the sword. He becomes involved in a power struggle amongst the Triads of Liberty city and ultimately reveals the truth about his dad's murder.


Game plot 

Huang Lee is on his way to deliver his dead father's sword to his uncle Kenny, but some unknown assailants attack him and steal the sword along his way. Kenny wished to give the sword to his Triad leader to secure his position as the next head. Angered at the theft, he asks Huang to take care of the drug business while he is away. Huang and the LCPD detective plan to work together to find the culprit. They find that there is a Korean gang informant among the triads. Huang also investigates the angle of a deadly biker gang and the Korean informant and finds out the names; Zhou and Chan. Kenny convinces Huang that they should give the informants to Hsin, their leader. Hsin names Kenny as his successor. Huang kills both Zhou and Chan; however, both deny the allegations against them before dying. Heston, the Hsin son, contacted Huang to update that the information he retrieved was not accurate, and the informant is still alive. Eventually, it is revealed that it was Kenny who stole the sword and betrayed his triad. Upon confrontation with his uncle, Huang learns that Kenny killed his father to get the sword and framed Zhou and Chan to become the leader. Huang kills his uncle, Hsin admires Huang for his loyalty and suggests calling him the next Triad head; Huang's response is not shown.



  1. Imaginative mini-games
    There are many creative touchscreen games like making your Molotov cocktails, searching dumpsters for arms, tattooing gang recruits, and many more. These mini-games are quick, fun, and seldom challenging.

  2. Replay mission
    This game allows the players to replay any mission they have beaten previously to achieve a faster or high score. 

  3. Fun side quests
    When there are no missions, the player can do an impressive number of things like steal a cop car, a fire truck, an ambulance, a cab, or a noodle delivery van, which gives the option to make money by mimicking those vehicles owners. And if the player steals a delivery van that transports weapons or drugs and takes it back to one of the safe houses, the contents belong to the player.

  4. Huge weapon collection
    There are like twenty types of weapons in the game that include fists, shotguns, flashbangs, swords, sniper rifles, etc. 

Best Emulator for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

To enjoy this game on any device, you will require an NDS emulator. DeSmuME is the best choice for this game. It's an open-source emulator written in the C++ language. The fantastic thing about this emulator is that it can play games without any significant concerns. The emulator supports save states, the ability to increase the screen's size, improve image quality, supports, and gives Great graphics quality.

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