Harvest Moon DS - Island Of Happiness (JunkRat)

File Name:2609 - Harvest Moon DS - Island of Happiness (U)(JunkRat).7z
Year of release:2008

Harvest Moon DS - Island Of Happiness (JunkRat) ROM Download for NDS


It is a farm simulation video game released for the Nintendo DS. It is the third part of the Harvest Moon series on the DS. This game follows the series' tradition and provides a farm simulation where the player has to raise crops, livestock and interact with the community. In the game, the player is shipwrecked on an island. The player plays either as the female character Chelsea, or the male character, Mark. The character's ship gets shipwrecked, and he/she and four others end up on an abandoned island. They find signs of life on the island, but there is no one around. The player aims to farm and attract new villagers. The gameplay is similar to the previous installments. After getting stuck on the island, the character embraces the new journey, gets a lovely little land, clears the rubble and waste, and then starts a farm.


Game Plot


As the game progresses, the town grows, and the player eventually gets married. With the DS stylus' help, the player controls the character in any direction and can interact with the other characters by tapping on them. Every new addition to the island or farm creates new animal care opportunities, fishing, or other ventures. The game's livestock includes sheep, chickens, and cows that produce wool, egg, and milk. The work animals are horses and dogs; horses are used for farm work, and dogs protect the livestock. The game's critical aspect is to get married, and it is only after the player has met everyone. If the character is male, then there are six bachelorettes, and for the female, there are six bachelors. The couple can also have a child. Completion of tasks results in money that the player can use in the shop to buy various items. This game combines the 3D environment with 2D sprites and brings new crops and colors with bright and cheerful music.

Best Emulator for Harvest Moon DS - Island Of Happiness (JunkRat)

As this game is for the Nintendo DS console, you will need a Nintendo DS emulator to play this game on your device. Out of the several options available, DeSmuMe is the one that you should download and install. It is continuously advancing and improving due to being open-sourced. It runs smoothly on both Mac and Windows. It has features like cheat codes, USB support, and many more. If you are on an Android device, then you can use the DraStic emulator. It comes with controller customization, support for hardware controllers, google drive support, high-end graphics, and so on. 

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