Harvest Moon - Grand Bazaar (EU)

File Name:5842 - Harvest Moon - Grand Bazaar (E).zip
Year of release:2008

Harvest Moon - Grand Bazaar (EU) ROM Download for NDS


It is a simulation role-playing video game released in 2008. It's the fifth game in the Nintendo DS series and the nineteenth game in the story of the season's game franchise. The game revolves around Zephyr town, which once was a special place, but the town's bazaar has faced some problems. 


Game Plot & Gameplay


As the city's newest resident, it is up to you to revive the city and help the villagers get back their former glory. Your work is to get up, care for animals, tend to crops, get married, raise a kid, and continue forever. The difference from the previous instalment is that now there is a weekly market. You do your daily tasks, but there are notable additions like a storage facility that allows you to keep items fresh. There is a store in which you can sell your new things at a reasonable price. When you are not on a farm, you can go to nearby towns and use the shops, stores and hotels. Either on Saturday or Sunday, every week you can go to the bazaar and sell and buy goods from various sellers. If you want to make money in the game, then the bazaar is the only place. You put out your stall with varied items and to attract customers, ring a bell. Ting-ting!

 You have a sales target, and if you reach that, it increases the market's reputation and attracts new vendors for the next week. You can also create new items with the help of windmills dotted about the world. You have to choose an article and the desired outcome. After that place your items inside and wait for the results. On windy days, the construction of things is much faster, but if you want to speed up the process, you can blow into the DS's microphone outside the windmill. 



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