Kirby - Mass Attack

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Kirby - The Mass Attack ROM Download for NDS 


Kirby Mass Attack, released in the year 2011 is a Lemmings style platform game in the Kirby series. HAL Laboratory developed the game for the Nintendo DS. The story takes place in Popopo Islands, where Kirby travels for exploring but accidentally falls asleep in the field.




The player can gain up to 10 Kirby's to attack the enemies by tapping on them or the obstacles on the screen. For some levels in the game, it often requires a minimum number of Kirby's to enter and to solve some puzzles, all the ten Kirby's are required. 

In the game, if an enemy or any obstruction hits a Kirby, it will turn blue till the end of the level, or until the player spots a unique gate which recovers their energy. If a blue coloured Kirby gets hit, it will become grey and float endlessly, unless the player can pull him down and change him back to blue again. By exploring, solving puzzles, finding treasure chests, the players find some medals which are hidden. With this, they can even unlock several minigames and other bonus features. 


Best Emulator for Kirby - Mass Attack ROM


Nintendo DS emulators are required to be installed on your device to play the Kirby - Mass Attack ROM game. In Nintendo DS emulators, DeSmuMe is one of the best emulators for your device as it supports both MAC and Microsoft Windows PC. You can even connect your USB as it is supported and use cheat codes. 

Other Nintendo DS emulators are MelonDS, Citra Emulator, OpenEmu, DraStic and much more. 


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