LEGO Battles (US)

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File Name: 3850 - LEGO Battles (US)(M3)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Strategy
Filesize: 81.73MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2009
Downloads: 1939

LEGO Battles (US) ROM Download for NDS


LEGO Battles, released in the US in the year 2009, is a real-time strategy video game. Hellbent Games developed the game, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment published it for the Nintendo DS. The game has a total of three different stories, where each player has an option to play as a protagonist or an antagonist. 

The theme of the game is the popular Lego theme as Pirates, Space, and Kingdom. In the Pirates theme, the story focuses on Captain Brickbeard and his crew, who struggles to find the treasure, and Ninja Master and his group of ninjas, attempting to stop their plans. In Space theme, the story is about a group of Astronauts conquering a planet for its plenty of natural resources and also defending it from the enemy troop. In the Kingdom theme, the story focused on the King, the allied fairies, and his knights fighting against the Skeleton Army. 




The game, LEGO Battles, has six different quests, which are assigned as one for the protagonist and one for the antagonist for each story, along with 15 other different levels in each of the hunt in the game. The game has 12 maps and Freeplay mode, where the players can customize the number of units in their army. 


Best Emulator for LEGO Battles (US) ROM


If you are planning to play or want to play LEGO Battle, then first you need to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator on your device, which you will use to play. Some of the best and all-time favorite Nintendo DS emulators that run on Windows PC platforms are NO$GBA, MelonDS, RetroArch, Citra, and so on. If you use MAC, then try to run DeSmuMe, OpenEmu, and RetroArch on your device. 


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If you loved playing this game, LEGO Battles, then you might even like another game that has similar features and gameplay modes. Three games are briefly mentioned below. 


  1. Lego Battles: Ninjago
    Lego Battles: Ninjago is a follow-up game to the LEGO Battles, where the game is based on the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, pilot season. The game is a mix of classic Lego video games and the series of Battles. Here the player can take control of seven horses and six builders. The players can even use two special abilities, and one of them is Spells. The game also focuses on the Ninja training and their quest as they try to find out the four golden weapons which are in the underworld. 

  2. Lego Island
    The first-person perspective style is how the game is played, and the player can choose to customize the island, jet ski racing, build vehicles with the help of a mechanic. They can even catch an escaped prisoner called Brickster, complete small missions like delivering pizzas, and roam around. 

  3. Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
    This game is a sequel to Lego Island and focuses on Pepper Roni, who is a pizza delivery boy of Lego Island. Here the Infomanic informs the main character that people had donated bricks for him to build a new house, but he first needs to deliver them the pizzas. 


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