Mega Man ZX

The game takes place in the future when archaeologist Dr.Cain discovers a robotic factory and in one factory he finds a robot. Then you have to finish the missions that given by the game on your screen.

File Name:0556 - MegaMan ZX (U)(Legacy).7z
Year of release:2006
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Mega Man ZX ROM Download for NDS


It is a video game released for Nintendo DS by Capcom in July 2006. The game takes place 200 years after the events of Mega Man Zero 4. You can select to play as a young girl named Aile or a young boy named Vent. There are minor differences between the two stories, but they are the same. Both of them work for the Giro Express delivery company, and they are transferring a biometal. Biometal grants humans the abilities of the Maverick Hunters. Soon in the game, the player gets attacked by a group of Mavericks. After coming in contact with biometal, Mavericks allows the player to transform into Model X with a blaster and increased mobility. There are several Model X forms that the player can unlock if they collect new biometal types. There is a gameplay twist, i.e., instead of controlling a single Mega Man, the player gains contemporary bio metals, allowing them to transform into unique Mega Man X units at any time. 


Game Plot

The game takes place in a technologically advanced world where humans and Reploids coexist peacefully, and due to the new laws, both are treated as humans. However, around the world, some incidents occur where the machines turn into Maverick. They make some areas dangerous for the inhabitants, and soon this activity obstructed the peace. The nations divide into parts; the Inner part where humans live and the Outer where dangerous Mavericks live. Slither Inc. possesses technology that is excavated from the outlands. Due to this technology, Central areas of cities live peacefully. However, outer regions face damages by the Mavericks, and the humans in these areas form a self-defence organization called Guardians. They investigate the cause of the Maverick element and defend themselves from the attacks. The serpent, the head of Slither Inc., is known to be a wonderful person who has saved countries from Maverick attacks in the past. On the other hand, the Guardians make the Guardian Base, which is a giant flying ship. The leader of the Guardians suddenly gets disappeared during the investigation of an Outlands area. A young girl named Prairie is now the leader game begins with Vent/Aile delivering a package to the Guardians that contains a Biometal. 

Best Emulator for Mega Man ZX

You will have to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator to play this game on your device. Many NDS emulators available; some of the best are Duos; it is easy to get and simple to use. Even beginners can use it with ease. You never have to bother about any technical issues, malware, or bugs. DeSmuMe is a unique free to use NDS emulator. It comes in different versions for different platforms. IDeaS emulator performance is top-notch, and it runs most of the NDS game without any issue.

Similar Games


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The game begins with Dr Light, who succeeds in creating robots that can change the world. This robot can think and make decisions. It holds excellent possibilities as well as great danger. Fearful of the consequences, Dr Light decides to keep him in a capsule and test his systems. After some time, Dr Cain releases X. he tries to implement X technology to a new series of reploids. But it went wrong, and the future is now on the brink of devastation. Mega man has to emerge to save the world and the human race. 

2. Mega Man X2 

In the last part, Mega man defeated Sigma and his Mavericks and saved the world. He now tracks down the rest of the rogue Reploids to an old and abandoned factory. These Reploids continue their rebellion. Mega Man X fight eight new Mavericks. Dr Light gives Mega man X new abilities new vehicles. Mega Man X is now ready to take down the enemies.

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