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File Name: 5602 - Okamiden (U).zip
Console/System: NDS
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2011
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Okamiden ROM Download for the NDS


Okamiden, released in North America in the year 2011, is an action-adventure video game, which is a spiritual successor of the Okami. Mobile and Game Studio developed, and Capcom published the game for the Nintendo DS. The game features Chibiterasu, who is a small angelic wolf born from Amaterasu, the protagonist from Okami. 




The gameplay of Okamiden is similar to its predecessor Okami, however, with a few new features where the Chibiterasu can team up as partners with others. They can explore the overworld together and battle with the enemies. There is also a new Guidance technique which is called Courage or Shirable brush, which can be used to move to the partner of Chibiterasu. Some of the enemies are weak to a particular brush technique, so the player can use this to defeat them and collect rare objects. The game even has Celestial Brush, allowing the players to freeze the game screen and draw symbols using a stylus. The players can activate the Celestial Brush by pressing either button on the shoulders, and when the players use a stylus, the game will sense the speed and reflect the weight of the stroke drawn on the screen, which can result in the players to faint if it is in a quick motion. 



Best Emulator for Okamiden ROM


To play the Okamiden ROM on your device, you first have to download and then run a Nintendo DS emulator. A few of the Nintendo DS emulators which you can use to run on Windows PC are MelonDS, Citra, DeSmuMe, RetroArch, NO$GBA, and so on. The Nintendo DS emulators that are the best and support MAC platforms are RetroArch, DeSmuMe, and OpenEmu. 


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