Plants Vs. Zombies (EU)

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Year of release:2012
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Plants vs. Zombies (EU) ROM Download for NDS


It is a strategy and tower defense video game released in 2009 by PopCap. The player assumes the role of a Homeowner in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. To defend the house against the Zombies, the player uses plants that fire or have harmful effects on these zombies. 

Zombies can approach through several parallel lanes on the lawn, and the player has to plant the defenses so that it can kill them. If a zombie reaches the house on any lane, then that level is over.

That said, Plants vs. Zombies is a funny and addictive game. The player has some weird but useful plants that include hot tamales that burn everything in the path, pea shooters that spit at the zombies, and Venus zombie traps that consume the enemy. 



The player has to defend their houses from the zombies' attack. The player places various types of fungi and viruses on the field to protect the home. Each plant has different attacks; even zombies have their tricks. The player can only pick limited fungi and plants on each level. The player requires the sun to plant the plants. If the zombies reach the end of the path, then the level starts again. 

In Adventure mode, there are five stages, and each consists of ten levels. In the first level, zombies drop money when they die. The fifth level consists of a mini-game. Some of the stages have a specific theme and gameplay. For example, in one of the stages, the game takes place on the roof. The last level is the fight with Dr. Zomboss, the scientist who created these zombies. After finishing the level, the player has the option to replay it. 

Players can play three game modes after adventure mode: Mini-games, puzzles, and survival. Mini-game gives the player unique challenges to complete. Puzzles have two levels: vase breaker and I, zombie. In Survival mode, the player selects plants between each wave to fight the zombies.



Best Emulator Plants Vs. Zombies

You will need an NDS emulator to play this game. There are plenty of Nintendo DS emulators available. If we take into consideration all the features and compatibility, then only DeSmuMe comes into mind. DeSmuMe is a Nintendo DS emulator that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. It consists of all the different features necessary to play the game. 

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