Pokemon Dash

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File Name: 0026 - Pokemon Dash (U)(Trashman).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Racing
Filesize: 5.39MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 4468

Pokemon Dash ROM Download for NDS


It is a racing video game released for the Nintendo DS. The player controls Pikachu with the help of a stylus and participates in a racing competition. After the player passes a certain number of checkpoints, the course gets complete. The game object is simple: Pikachu engages in a race against five other Pokémon characters. The race is broken up by periodic sessions of rough-terrain crossing and hot air balloon. The player faces lots of lava pits, chasms, ice- fields, and oceans that block the player from reaching the next checkpoint. These obstacles slow the player down. There is a balloon icon all over the map, and once the player finds it, then a delighted Pikachu launches into the air. At this point, the player can move anywhere on the map. To reach the ground faster, the player can pop the balloon and head to the ground more quickly. Some goals require some strategy and power-ups as the player cannot immediately access them. Other than that, the game's basic premise involves winning races and unlocking the cups to race. 


It is a racing game where the player controls Pikachu and races through various checkpoints. The race takes place in the ground and the sky with the use of balloons. There are multiple terrains like forests, beaches, maze stone paths, lava pools, and swamps. The power-ups allow the player to race on different terrain without losing speed. The player who starts the game for the first time there is a training cup. After the player completes the training cup, he can play in the Grand Pix Mode. In the GP mode, there are five main cups, and each cup has five courses. There is a multiplayer mode in which the player can compete against each other. 

Best Emulator for Pokémon Dash

DeSmuMe is the NDS emulator that you can use to play Pokémon dash on your PC. It works on Windows and Mac and runs smoothly on both platforms. This emulator has various customization image options and features like cheat codes, save game state, etc. Whenever there is a talk about the NDS emulator, 

Melon DS's name always comes up as it provides high accuracy and supports most of the games. If you want an emulator that runs on every platform, then the best option is RetroArch, as it is an open-source emulator. 

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