Pokemon - HeartGold Version (v10) (EU)

File Name:4839 - Pokemon - HeartGold Version (v10) (E).zip
Genre:Role Playing
Year of release:2004

Pokemon - HeartGold Version (v10) (EU) ROM Download for NDS


Pokemon HeartGold is a game created by Game Freak, distributed by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was launched in Japan on September 12, 2009. Set in the Johto and Kanto district of the establishment's anecdotal universe, which highlights unique animals called Pokemon.


Pokemon HeartGold received positive reviews from the critics. It was applauded by the GameRankings website, which gave them a score of 87.83 %. Overall, it was praised by the audience across the globe for its unique gameplay, attractive graphics, and many other features. Famous website Metacritic also gave it a score of 87 out of 100 and rated it among the top 20 DS games on the website.




The game's fundamental objective is to turn into the best Pokemon coach in both the Johto and Kanto locales, which is finished by raising and recording Pokemon and overcoming different mentors. The player explores the principal character, a fight screen, and the menu, wherein the player arranges their gathering, things, or gameplay settings. The player starts the game with one Pokemon and can catch even more utilizing Poke Balls.


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