Pokemon Pearl

Like others predecessors of Pokemon games, your job is to search all the area for Pokemon, catch them and train them for battles.

File Name:1016 - Pokemon Pearl (v05) (U)(Legacy).7z
Year of release:2006

Pokemon Pearl ROM for NDS


Pokémon Pearl is a role-playing video game. It is fictionally based on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Eight Pokémon gyms whose speciality lies in trapping every Pokémon type. The game takes place in the hometown of the protagonist. A different kind of Pokémon was reported in the nearby range. Hence the protagonist, along with his comrades follow the trail of Pokémon’s. Another character, Professor Rowan, assists in the study of the kind of Pokémon found. 


Meanwhile, Professor Rowan forgets the briefcase, which is later on inspected by the protagonist. The protagonist discovers that the briefcase contains three types of Pokémon: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. These kinds of Pokémon helped the protagonist to battle against Starly, who is the fourth generation Pokémon. Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup have stayed with the protagonist due to the bond formed over-time. 

The main characters of the game are the Protagonist, Professor Rowan, Gym Leaders, Barry, who is the protagonist’s dear friend and antagonist Team Galatic.


Best Emulator for Pokemon Pearl ROM


Pokémon Pearl was launched on the Nintendo DS console. To play Pokémon Peral on any other device, one needs emulators. The recommended emulator for Pokémon Black ROM is Retroarch. The UI might be scary first and foremost, anyway it turns out to be pretty less complicated when you use it for a brief timeframe. There's joystick uphold, store space alternative and diverse screen format plausibility. It has an advanced GPU shader support, dynamic rate control, retro pad, gamepad and a game ROM scanner. It also has audio-DSP, open GL, Vulkan API, advanced save state features and frame by frame game-play rewinding. A database of cheat codes is also available.

Some other emulators are DeSmuME, MelonDS and No$GBA.


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