Pokemon - White Version

A Pokemon player starts with one Pokemon and starts the search for another Pokemon who can catch with the Pokeball. After catching several pokemon you can train them and fight with them to win badges and your Pokemon to grow and become more strong.

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File Name: 5584 - Pokemon - White Version (DSi Enhanced)(USA) (E).zip
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role-Playing
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2011
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Pokemon White Version ROM Download for NDS 


Game Freak developed the Pokemon White Version, a part of the fifth generation of the Pokemon video games series. The previous version of the games follows the journey of a young Pokemon trainer in the region of Unova. And, this version too, incorporates this basic storyline. The game comprises adventure elements along with three primary screens for the players. It consists of an overworld, where the player navigates the main character, a battle screen, and a menu where they can configure their gameplay settings, party, and items. 




The player here can control a Pokemon Trainer, who begins the quest with a single Pokemon and can capture more using the Poke Balls. They can carry up to six Pokemon simultaneously, which makes the players more competitive to capture more and more. Adding up to the Pokemon feature, here, Pokemon can learn four moves which include healing movements, attacking moves, and the activities which inflict the status condition of the opponent. 


Best Emulator for Pokemon White Version ROM


The emulator which you need to download and install to play Pokemon White Version is Nintendo DS. A few other Nintendo DS would be a good emulator for your Windows PC and MAC.


It includes MelonDS, Citra, DuoS for Windows Pc and DeSmuME, OpenEmu for MAC. 


Similar Games


As most of the Pokemon video game series have similar features, I am confident that you would also enjoy playing some matching games to Pokemon White Version. Three of them are:

  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon: It is a part of the seventh generation of the Pokemon video games series. The player can control trainers who go on a quest in this version, train creatures like Pokemon and win other battles against the rest of the trainers. Unlike other Pokemon games, the player can gain more Pokemon and have experience by defeating the opposing Pokemon in turn-based battles. They can even level up, increase their battling statics, evolve more powerful Pokemon and learn new fighting techniques. 

  2. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness is the successor of the Pokemon Colosseum. And, similarly takes place in Orre, the same setting as the Pokemon Colosseum adventure mode. Just like its predecessor, the main focus is to capture the Shadow Pokemon and redeem them. The capture of the Shadow Pokemon executed using a Snag Machine, and there are 83 different Shadow Pokemon to catch. 

  3. Pokemon Stadium: Unlike other Pokemon games, Pokemon Stadium is a strategy video game. They don't even have a proper storyline or entirely build-world for the battle, resulting in it not being a role-playing video game. Instead, here the game challenges the player to conquer trainers at the stadium.


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