Sonic Classic Collection

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Year of release: 2010
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Sonic Classic Collection ROM Download for NDS


Sonic Classic Collection is a 2010 collection of different Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Sega Genesis. Created by Creative Assembly's Australian studio and distributed by Sega for the Nintendo DS, the game got a positive response upon its launch. A limited-edition was launched simultaneously close by the standard rendition of the game, except Spain and Australia. The limited-edition includes a tin box containing the base game, a Sonic puppet, and five postcards of Sonic's fine art.




Sonic Classic Collection is a 2D video game. The gameplay is based on Sonic's ability to run at fast speed levels that incorporate springs, inclines, and vertical loops. The levels are populated with dangers as robots inside which Dr Robotnik has caught as the creatures. Destroying a robot frees the beast, yet it isn't essential to finish the game.

The player should not touch the spikes, falling into abysses, and being crushed by moving dividers or stages, just as suffocating, which might be prevented by breathing air bubbles from vents. Sonic's primary method for attacking is the Spin Attack, in which he twists into a ball and quickly turns his body, harming its enemies and certain obstructions upon impact.


Best Emulator for Sonic Classic Collection


Sonic Classic Collection is available on the Nintendo DS game console platform. Download and play Sonic Classic Collection with the assistance of the best emulator that is the DraStic DS Emulator. This emulator is installed with a ton of great features, including screen layout personalization, controller customization, support for hardware controllers, fast forward, Google Drive support, and high-end devices can enjoy some enhanced graphics furnishing if they so choose. It played most of the games we had a go at during testing too. This handheld game console emulator provides the presence of two screens. Other emulators for running NDS games on your PC, smartphones, etc., are EmuBox and SuperNDS.


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