Tetris DS

File Name:0366 - Tetris DS (U)(WRG).7z
Year of release:2006
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Tetris DS ROM Download for NDS 


Are you a fan of solving puzzles? They are quite fun to solve and keep us engaged for a very long period. So if you are looking for some puzzles to solve, we recommend that you indeed like and called Tetris DS. 




This game is a multiplayer puzzle-based game where the player has several modes to play from different Nintendo themes like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Balloon fight, Super Mario Bros., Yoshi's Cookie, and Donkey Kong. Standard Mode plays like a Tetris tile Matching game featuring a Super Mario Bros. backdrop, a Super Mario Bros. It can be played as one player, multiplayer, or one player versus the computer. In Mission mode, players can play competitively or as a marathon to beat their score. Players will come across a timer that slowly disappears as the player completes the objective. This model features The Legend of Zelda backdrop. Push mode has multiplayer or one player versus computer. Touch mode plague will use Nintendo DS stylus Tetriminoes appearing in the lower touch screen to move other Tetriminoes that feature a Balloon Fight backdrop. In Catch mode, the player will control the central block that moves in all directions and rotates. Catch mode features a Metroid. 


Puzzle mode features Yoshi's Cookie, and the player receives 10 points by solving one puzzle:


Best Emulator for Tetris DS

To run the ROM file of Tetris DS on a personal computer, you must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is NDS, i.e., Nintendo DS. After downloading the console, download the corresponding emulator.


Users of NDS can use emulators like:

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