The Sims 3

This is a game based on a real life, you don't have the main goal of the game but while playing challenges appears suddenly.

File Name:5291 - Sims 3, The (DSi Enhanced) (E).rar
Year of release:2009

The Sims 3 ROM Download for NDS


It is a life simulation video game released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. It is the sequel to the Sims 2. The game is about simulation where the player takes control of the play characters' actions and destinies, i.e., the Sims. The player starts creating a Sim from the start house, a pre-made family of up to two Sims. A creation tool offers in-depth customisation of the Sims, such as different pick outfits, physical appearance, voice, traits, favourite things, and lifetime wishes. The goals depend on the Sim's characteristics and range from becoming the top player in the criminal career path to learning every recipe in the game. After the players get the Sims, they manage their daily lives and their need for hunger, bladder, hygiene, fun, social interaction, and energy. Sims interacts with neighbours, and how they treat others makes an immense significance. 




There is an addition to the game as compared to the previous version and, that is Karma. If the players get enough happiness points that automatically uncovers a new Karma power, they must search for a mystery object situated in a hidden location to activate it. Achieving the goals improves the players' lifetime happiness score and mood and eases day-to-day life. At a time, a maximum of two Sims resides in a home. There is a good utilisation of the DS dual screen like most Sims information is shown on the top screen. Players can go through the data using the left and right shoulder buttons, and the bottom screen is for the complete action. 

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