Viva Pinata - Pocket Paradise

The task of the player is to turn an unfilled country into a beautiful garden, with lots of features that can be used in this game.

File Name:2822 - Viva Pinata - Pocket Paradise (U)(XenoPhobia).7z
Year of release:2008

Viva Pinata - Pocket Paradise ROM Download for NDS


Released in 2008, Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise is a life-existence recreation game designed by Rare and published by THQ for the NDS video gaming console and is based on the Viva Pinata series. It was designed by Rare's portable group, rather than Viva Pinata: Party Animals and the PC rendition of the first game, which were created by different outsider designers. It was likewise the last game Rare ever constructed for any reassurance from Nintendo.




Like its archetype, Viva Pinata is a sandbox game where the user playing the game is given the responsibility to transform a disregarded plot of land into a beautiful garden. The game holds most of the specifications and the entirety of the game from the first Pinata game. As the game was worked from the beginning for the DS, Rare's portable group accepted the open the door to add extra highlights and features. This game won the reward for Best Simulation Game made for NDS from IGN in the video game honors in 2008. Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise likewise got a couple of 2009 BAFTA selections for Best Video Game at the Children's Rewards and Best Strategy Game at the Game Rewards.


Best Emulator for Viva Pinata – Pocket Paradise


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Windows- NeonDS, RetroArch, No$GBA, MelonDS

Mac- RetroArch, OpenEmu, DeSmuME,

Android- EmuBox, RetroArch, SuperNDS

Linux- iDeas


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