WarioWare - D.I.Y.

File Name:4812 - WarioWare - D.I.Y. (U).zip
Year of release:2010

WarioWare - D.I.Y. ROM Download for NDS


This game is a design and mini-game compilation video game which is also known as WarioWare- Do It Yourself. Developed by Nintendo SPD, this game was launched in 2009. WarioWare D.I.Y. is very similar to that of Mario Paint. It includes all the innovative tools and concepts of Mario Paint, which are required to bring out the creativity in you and repeat them in a flexible game creator. You can energize game sprites and use your imagination to paint full backgrounds just as make a short melodic tune or join a more extended theme.


You can create your music and even design a cartridge as WarioWare D.I.Y. permits players to plan their microgames, making their illustrations. The game highlights five areas in its main menu:


While at the Distribution Center players can likewise get games from the NinSoft store.

WarioWare- Do It Yourself has been able to secure many favourable and high score reviews on various sites. One such website is Metacritic where there are many positive reviews about this game and is awarded a score of 82/100. Another such example is I.G.N., where this game has been able to secure an outstanding score of 9/10. Referred as the great addition to the NDS release WarioWare- DIY. has been able to secure a score of 27/30 on Wiloveit.com


Best Emulator for WarioWare – D.I.Y.


To enjoy WarioWare- D.I.Y. you need a Nintendo DS emulator so that you can easily play this game on your emulator. Whether you need to load states in the game, or you need to customize your gamepad according to your suitability, you can do so very quickly with Nintendo DS emulator. Also, you get many other features such as external control support which enhances the performance of your game, and you can save your progress whenever you want.

For different operating systems here are some NDS emulators:

·       Windows- RetroArch, No$GBA, MelonDS, NeonDS

·       Mac- RetroArch, OpenEmu, DeSmuME

·       Android- SuperNDS, EmuBox, RetroArch

·       Linux- iDeas


Similar Games


  1. WarioWare: Smooth Moves- This game consists of many puzzles and includes many microgames. Wii remote should be placed in a specific way by the player in the game. Microgames present in this game are divided into various stages represented by a WarioWare character.

  2. WarioWare: Touched- You are required to complete a series of microgames in this game by applying the instructions given to you about how to play the game. These instructions consist of tutorials on how to rotate, find or shoot.

  3.  WarioWare: Gold- In this game, you get a total of 4 lives. When you can finish a microgame, you can move ahead in the game. But in case you fail or lose in a microgame, you lose a life in the game.    


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