WarioWare: Touched

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File Name: 0005 - WarioWare - Touched! (U)(Trashman).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Misc
Filesize: 15.53MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2004
Downloads: 8329

WarioWare: Touched! ROM Download for NDS



The catch of the Wario Ware design is that it threads together small, brief, small challenges of variable levels of difficulty, one after another. Some games might look easy, but when these games are thrown at the player, one after the other at a gradually increasing pace, these tasks and challenges become difficult to pass. It’s a party minigame compilation that has different categories such as touch, drag, blow, spin, etc. 

The game starts with Wario finding a two screened console and then decides to develop games to earn money. The rest of the game have independent stories for every character in different stages. For instance, Wario suffers from toothache after eating chocolate in stage one, Ana and Kat try to find their stolen banana in stage two, Mon participates in a concert in stage three, and in the final stage, Wario eats some garlic and turns into a superhero.

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Similar Games

    1. Warioware Inc.

The story begins when Wario finds the video game studio WarioWare, Inc. He hires numerous friends to develop the microgames for the studio. The WarioWare games always make use of the innovations of the platform for which they are released. This game is available for game boy advance.

    2. Warioware twisted!

You can play this game on game boy advance. The story circles around Wario and his friend Dr Crygor, who together invent a Game Boy Advance that only responds when tilted around. The formula is the same as WarioWare with a diversity of games that last for only a few seconds. The cartridge uses a gyro sensor so players must twist and spin to play the games.

     3. Warioware D.I.Y

It is known as WarioWare do it yourself. Nintendo released it for Nintendo DS. The story is that Dr Crygor dreams that he is playing a game on a game console and suddenly all the characters of the game come out of the screen. After waking up, he makes Super MakerMatic 21. While the assembling of machines is going on in Dr Crygor's lab, Wario arrives with a broken television for repaire. There he sees Super MakerMatic 21 getting assembled. Dr Crygor explains to him that it can make microgames easily. Wario is astonished at that fact and believes that this invention can make loads of money, so he too restores WarioWare, Inc. 





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