Yoshi's Island DS (FireX) (EU)

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File Name: 0716 - Yoshi's Island DS (E)(FireX).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Platform
Filesize: 18.65MB
Region: Europa
Year of release: 2006
Downloads: 23122

Yoshi's Island DS (FireX) (EU)- ROM Download for NDS


It is a platforming video game released first in North America in 2006 for Nintendo DS by Nintendo. It's a sequel to the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The game picks up where the prequel left off. Kamek, the evil wizard, kidnaps Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, and also all the babies on the planet. But due to an accident between the Stork and Minions few babies were free, including the Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. The Stork tells the Yoshi about the plan of the Kamek. Yoshi decides to free all the babies from the captivity of the Kamek. He has a unique set of abilities. You (Yoshi) can make him jump and flutter short distances. You can get rid of enemies if you land on their backs or you can make the tiny dino stick and drag the enemy into his mouth. Now, you have the option to spit the enemy out, or to make the dino to swallow it. 


The gameplay is somewhat the same as its predecessor but with some changes. The player controls the Yoshi and guides it through various stages, and he can hover, jump, and turn the enemies into the egg. These eggs are later used for hitting the enemy or the switches. Some levels allow the Yoshi to transform into vehicles for a short period. When the Yoshi is hit, then it must retrieve the baby that falls off its back. The DS version is different as there is the addition of five babies. Baby Mario allows Yoshi to grab the Superstars and become Super Mario; Baby Donkey Kong can swing on ropes and vines; Baby Peach allows Yoshi to float; Baby Wario can attract metal objects with his magnet, and Baby Bowser spits balls of fire. There are many secret levels that the player can reach after achieving good high scores. Coins and flowers are dispersed all around the game in various stages. Keys that are present in the stages unlock the mini-games. 

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