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File Name: 0129 - Zoo Tycoon (U)(Trashman).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Strategy
Filesize: 4.23MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 2005
Downloads: 1987

Zoo Tycoon ROM Download for NDS


It is a business simulation video game released for Nintendo DS in 2008 and focuses on building and running a thriving zoo. It is a zoo simulator game where the player takes charge of a zoo, cares for the animals, builds the park, and attracts the visitors. Players can build, expand, upgrade, and allocate staff and so much more. 



There can be two ways in which you can play this game; scenario game or a free-form game. In scenario games, the player has partially designed a zoo, and they have to complete individual goals within a specific amount of time. There are a total of 15 scenarios in the game, along with the three tutorial scenarios. The goal can range from creating stable exhibits and keeping animals above an average happiness rating or breeding pandas in captivity. The scenarios also range in difficulty levels, and at the beginning of the game, the difficult ones are locked. In the free-form, the player selects more than 20 templates that range in theme and size. The player can also choose an open grassy field. To level up the challenge, the player can set up a park in a snowy mountain forest or build a rocky desert zoo. After the player chooses the template, they can set the funds; the amount depends on the challenge level. The player can start the construction of the zoo by building a fence and choose the terrain type. He can also assign a zookeeper to each exhibit. The zookeeper tells what is required to keep the animals happy; Happy and healthy animals have babies that the player can control or put up for adoption. The key is to keep the animals happy. Apart from animals, the player also has to take care of the guests. The player can create pathways to guide the guests, build food and drink stands, gift shops, restrooms, picnic tables, benches, and more. The player can also adjust ticket prices, put money on research, and hire tour guides and maintenance workers.

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