Animal Crossing- City Folk

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File Name: Animal Crossing- City Folk [RUUE01].7z
Console/System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Simulation
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2008
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Animal Crossing - City Folk ROM Download for Nintendo Wii 

Animal Crossing City Folk is the third game in the Animal Crossing series which is developed by Nintendo. The game is a type of life simulation video game. 


Game Plot 


The player character lives in a rural village called City Folk, populated with anthropomorphic animals, and taking part in several activities like planting and collecting. The game is played in real-time and affecting the events of the game based on the current day or season. Also, the players live in separate houses which are spread apart from each other. 




In the game, player's use currency known as Bells, and they can get bells by selling items like fruits, bugs, fish, or anything they have earned.

Players can preserve their bells in their own account at the Bank of Nintendo. They may transfer or withdraw bells at the cash machine resided at the town hall. To make the game more engaging to the player's, they can even participate in fishing, gardening, fossil finding and bug catching. 


Best Emulator for Animal Crossing - City Folk ROM


You need to download and install Nintendo Wii emulators on your device if you wish to play Animal Crossing - City Folk. Dolphin is one of the first and best Nintendo Wii emulators. They provide you with the best quality video gaming experience and are supported on Windows PC, MAC and Linux platforms. Dolwin, Whinecube, SuperGCube, GCEmu are other Nintendo Wii emulators.


Similar Games


Animal Crossing has a wide range of other related games which you might like. Although the game has similar features and gameplay, there are some unique features in each game.


  1. Animal Crossing - Wild World
    Animal Crossing Wild World game focuses on residing in a remote village populated with animals. The player is encouraged to perform specific tasks assigned, such as collecting and planting. Here the player character's appearance can be changed or modified by the player according to their preference. Moreover, even the environment can be changed by the player. And, you know what's more impressive in this game? It's that the players can draw constellations in the night sky!

  2. Animal Crossing
    The gameplay in this version is open-ended because the players do not have any specific goals or aim to achieve. Instead, they are encouraged to spend some quality time in the village by performing small activities such as socializing with the residents, collecting items and planting. 

  3. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
    Unlike the rest of the Animal Crossing series games, this one is a sandbox video game. The game focuses on designing the house, and the players work as an employee of Nook's Home. They design homes and other items for the villagers based on their suggestions and preferences. Through the progress of the player, they can unlock additional furniture elements. The game also has Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards, which allows access to visit a home that the player has designed.  


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