Mario Sports Mix

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Console/System: Nintendo Wii
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Region: USA
Year of release: 2010
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Mario Sports Mix ROM Download for Nintendo Wii


Released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii gaming console platform, Mario Sports Mix is a sports video game designed by Square Enix and distributed by Nintendo. Many sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, and Dodgeball are featured in this game. The game generally highlights characters and areas from the Mario franchise with a couple of guest appearances by characters from Square Enix's Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. Players can likewise select to play as one of their Mii characters. The game was applauded for its High-Definition gameplay and graphics but criticized for the absence of profundity and replayability. The game got an aggregated score of 30/40 by Famitsu, with two reviewers giving it 8/10 and two giving it 7/10.



Mario Sports Mix is installed with unique features such as powerful moves and over-the-top arcade gameplay. This also includes a coin reclamation system, which enables the player to collect coins by scoring a goal. Online multiplayer is additionally included, with two players for every Wii gaming console signing up to play two-on-two matches either against companions or against arbitrary players. The story mode revolves around the Mushroom Kingdom where Toad cultivates blossoms when out of nowhere, an item crashes behind Princess Peach's castle. Toad, at that point, rushes to the thing and finds a red gem containing a basketball, a green rock containing a volleyball, a yellow gem containing a dodgeball, and a precious blue stone containing a coin.



Best Emulator for Mario Sports Mix


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